The Piano Doctor is a family-run business operating for over 57 years in the Niagara region. We are a dynamic group of certified professional technicians as well as an authorized Petrof & Hoffman & Kuhne dealers.

Things of Interest

Hank Makkreel has been tuning piano's for most of his adult life. Today at 86 years young, Hank visited out home and once again tuned our piano - a gift from brother Bill - a refinished upright Grand Landsdowne "Toronto" ( 1886 - 90) - in our heritage home that was built in 1855.

Hank rebuilt this Lansdowne more than 25 years ago and has been tuning it ever since. Today was special - the piano sounded deeper, richer and almost eternal some how. It was a pleasure to have "Hank" at the keyboard - this " piano doctor" Hank - made an "old house call" today! Thank you Dr. Makkreel! God Speed!

Pictured above are the art students from Lakeshore Catholic School in Port Colborne. This Piano was painted by the students and art teacher, Venessa Iannantrono (centre), representing the history of Rock & Roll. Makkreel Piano Tunes for the Niagara Catholic School board and had work together with them Since 1972.