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The Piano Doctor is a family-run business operating for over 57 years in the Niagara region. We are a dynamic group of certified professional technicians as well as an authorized Petrof & Hoffman & Kuhne dealers.

About our Business

The Makkreel family have been operating the family business since 1955.

The Makkreel family began their association with pianos in Holland where in the 1990's, Hank's grandfather opened the first family retail piano store. During World War II, the piano store in Rotterdam was twice bombed and the Father suggested to his two sons to go to Canada, where there would be opportunities for their future.

Hank settled in St. Catharines, across from the Pen Center, and continued his trade and became known as "The Piano Doctor". Hank had four children and of those four, two grew up with the knowledge in the piano business. His daughter Terri now owns and operates "The Piano Doctor" in Winnipeg, and his son Michael stayed here in the Niagara area. Michael worked and learned from his father for 17 years and now carries the name of "The Piano Doctor".

Michael chose to further his piano knowledge and expertise in rebuilding and Grand repair, achieving his "Master Piano Technicians of America License"; only one of three with that level of experience. Hank also continues with his tunings and repair service in the area with his wife Kim. Together, they offer tuning and repair services, sales of new and used pianos, and public music lessons in the Fonthill and Ridgeville area.

Selecting a Piano Tuner

Select a piano tuner-technician with care. It cannot be over stressed that tuning is a highly technical operation and an art that on no account should be carried out by anyone less than a qualified tuner-technician.

Piano Tuners tune by ear, or in the new way, by ear-sight combined and are capable of small repairs and adjustments on your piano. Piano technicians are capable of complete rebuilding and restorations and some specialize in grand restorations. Always make sure your tuner-technician plays the piano as it is imperative to check the condition of the piano and their work by playing. Example: Would you hire a mechanic who didn't know how to drive a car? Accordingly, it should be appreciated that an adequately high standard of skill cannot be expected at an unduly cost.

Use the same care in the selection of your piano tuner-technician as you would in selecting any other professional service. Securing the service of a well known craftsman who is well established should be considered. Contact Hank Makkreel today for a Free Estimate!

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