About Us

The Piano Doctor is a family-run business operating for over 57 years in the Niagara region. We are a dynamic group of certified professional technicians as well as an authorized Petrof & Hoffman & Kuhne dealers.

About our Business

Michael Makkreel a licensed Master Technician with "The Master Piano Technicians of America" has been doing this all of his life, growing up in the business with his father Hank Makkreel. Originally the family company started in Holland with Mike's grandfather. After seeing two wars and suffering damage to the shop, Mike's father Hank moved to Canada to start a new life.

1969 Home Show Display
"Hank" Makkreel standing, son Mike at the piano.

In St. Catharines, the business around since 1955, thrived for over 25 years as Mike grew and learned his father's trade. While working with his father Mike chose to further his piano knowledge and expertise in piano rebuilding and Grand repair. He apprenticed with Master Piano Technician "Mr. John Haster" of Florida and achieved his license becoming one of three in Canada at the time to earn that level of experience, and thus becoming a professional in his chosen career. In 1988 Mike married and his wife Kim soon became part of the business and has been trained to tune by Hank and later John Haster.

John Haster & Mike Makkreel
(Piano Technician Teacher)

In 2002 Michael was awarded the title of field specialist by Dampp Chaser Electronics, a company specializing in the production of Humidifier systems for pianos. Mike and Kim moved the business to Fonthill in 1998. The Makkreel family welcomes anyone to drop into our Fonthill location to see our many new pianos as well as a great selection of affordable reconditioned pre-owned uprights, studios and grand pianos. We specialize in the craftsmanship and rebuilding of Grand pianos, studios and uprights. We believe that when you purchase a piano from us you are not only buying an instrument but our service as well.

Kim and Mike Makkreel

We are the only Petrof Pianos & Hoffman & Kuhne dealers for the Niagara Area. With the shop conveniently located next to our home we can offer better prices to our customers. At any given time a customer can walk into the shop and receive knowledgeable attention. You are not dealing with a sales person at our store, your dealing with us, the people who will service your piano. What is really important to us is the service. Mike warns people to be educated about their piano service provider because "some people are not qualified or properly trained". Mike suggests spending the extra money on a professional that will do the job right. We are unique because we tune by strobe as well as by ear. We tune over 80 service calls a month and we both play the piano as well. Come by and see what we have to offer!

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Winnipeg customers can call our satellite location - ( See Links )

Ridgeville (Pelham) Location, 2008

Hank Makkreel: Past away April 7th 2018 at the age of 88. Piano keys, the original "Piano Doctor" Now Hendrick Micheal, his son, will continue in his fathers footsteps.